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None Shall Pass T-Shirt

Will be nothing but a scratch!

None Shall Pass T-Shirt

Will be nothing but a scratch!

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Omschrijving: None Shall Pass T-Shirt

De omschrijving van dit product is helaas alleen in het Engels. We werken aan de vertaling. Excuses voor het ongemak.
An epic scene printed on this“None Shall Pass” T-shirt. We all know it. The nine companions dare to take the dangerous path through the dwarf mine and are pursued by the Balrog to the bridge of Khazad-dûm. All but one cross the bridge. That one stays behind to protect them from the terrible monster. It is, of course, none other than... the Black Knight!?

Well, he doesn’t lack confidence! He can fight a bit, and his greatest strength is definitely his insensitivity to pain. All this will help him in the fight with the Balrog, but will it stop him long enough to buy the companions enough time for a safe passage through the remaining mines?

It is possible because in the face of this opponent, the Balrog could be laughing so hard that he’d simply fall from the somewhat narrow bridge into the depths.

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